Highland Landscapes

Dates: September to March

For 1 person (exclusive 1-2-1)  £250 per day
For 2 persons (booked together)  £295 per day

Deposit: 150 per person at time of booking

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Special images don't usually happen by chance. They are often the result of hard work, expert knowledge and an anticipation of being in the right spot at the right time. This takes dedication to the craft of image making but above all else it takes time. Time to research locations, time to scout the best viewpoints, time to wait for special moments.

For the past 10 years I have been living and photographing in the Highlands of Scotland, spending my time working on a wide range subjects from the smallest natural details to expansive landscapes. In that time I have got to know my local area of the Cairngorms National Park intimately, which affords me the luxury of making best use of the available lighting conditions and maximising my chances of capturing successful images.

I'm now also travelling more widely through the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, applying the same principals of thorough research, seeking out the best viewpoints and giving myself time to capture the essence of a place. This is an on-going process that will continue over the coming years to capture the unexpected corners of the landscape as they slowly reveal themselves in Scotland’s ever changing light. 

As a result I am delighted to offer a bespoke personal guiding service for enthusiastic and dedicated landscape photographers who would like to join me in the field. I am able to cater for all photographic abilities - all you need is a passion and enthusiasm for landscape photography and a desire to capture the very best that Scotland has to offer.

I offer both a 1-2-1 service or 1-2-2 for couples or two friends when booked together. 

What you can expect

Landscape photography in Scotland always presents its challenges and there may be long walks – sometimes in the dark, long waits for the light, irregular meal times, cold temperatures and inclement weather. There may be disappointments too. But the rewards are moments of exquisite light, unique viewpoints and magical memories. Not to mention some amazing images of course! An open mind and adaptable approach to photography will ensure you get the most from the time spent in the field.

A typical day in the field would include a pre-dawn start, early morning shoot, brunch / lunch, mid-day downtime (depending on weather and the time of year), afternoon/evening shoot extending through until dusk in suitable conditions, return to base. The emphasis will be on the pursuit of photographic opportunities and doing our utmost so that you come away with the best images possible. That said the day will be relaxed (mostly), informative and great fun.

In mid-winter we would most likely photograph all day. At other times of the year we would enjoy two sessions of approximately 4 hours each early and late in the day with some down time inbetween.

Photographic locations (all Scotland) include:

  • Cairngorms National Park
  • Coigach and Assynt (formerly Inverpolly) north of Ullapool
  • Torridon & Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve
  • Glen Coe & Rannoch Moor
  • Isle of Skye (2 days minimum + £100 supplement)
  • Harris & Lewis (2 days minimum+ £100 supplement)
  • Moray Coast

Note: locations can be pre-arranged depending on what you’d most like to photograph but may be subject to weather on the day. It helps if you can be as flexible as possible. 

Subjects covered may include:

  • Wild natural landscapes
  • High level mountain landscapes (good to very good level of fitness required)
  • Mountain landscapes (from low level)
  • Coastal landscapes
  • Lochs
  • Woodland scenes / interiors / autumn colour
  • Waterfalls
  • Moorland
  • Dawn and dusk landscapes
  • Night time landscapes


  • Close-up details / macro
  • Flowers / plants / trees
  • Abstracts / patterns

 Note: all subject to weather and lighting conditions

Photographic guidance can be provided on the following topics:

  • Mastering exposure / basic settings
  • Filters
  • Using available light
  • Low light photography
  • Composition
  • Perspective / viewpoint
  • The ‘art’ of seeing and previsualisation
  • Working the subject
  • Creating a portfolio of images

Note: guidance is provided to suit you and help you get the most from your time in the field.

What’s included:

  • Full guiding service from pre-arranged meeting point
  • Photographic guidance and help in the field

What’s not included:

  • Transport to meeting point
  • Meals / drinks
  • Accommodation 
  • Any other items of a personal nature

Dates: September to March

For 1 person (exclusive 1-2-1)  £250 per day
For 2 persons (booked together)  £295 per day

Deposit: 150 per person at time of booking

Enquiries › Book ›

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