2020VISION is the most ambitious nature photography project ever staged in the UK, to communicate the link between habitat restoration and our own well being.

2020VISION is a multi-media project broadcasting the connection between human well-being and healthy ecosystems. It's a vision of a wilder Britain where it's recognised that healthy ecosystems are not only good for wildlife but good for us too.

Recent scientific evidence suggests that we have only until 2020 to rethink the way we live before ecosystems start to break down. If we do nothing, things that we currently take for granted, like clean water, food and energy, will be under threat. This is serious.

But thankfully things are changing and up and down the UK, landscape-scale restoration projects are underway to help rebuild and revitalise previously damaged habitats. 2020VISION has documented some of this ground-breaking work and the resulting exhibition and theatre show is currently touring the country, raising awareness about the value of restoring our natural home.